Safe, intense, focused, collaborative, memorable.

I facilitate working retreats, with intense focus, and a safe, collaborative environment. I do not facilitate retreats that involve recreational activities that are unrelated to the retreat. It’s expensive to retreat and a successful retreat requires every hour of the day and evening. Golf and tennis are usually not complimentary activities of an effective retreat. In other words, if you work with me expect the retreat to be close to 24-7 about the retreat. Don’t expect drudgery, but also do not expect to play golf every afternoon when we wrap up “early.”

The reason we retreat is to get away from the things that prevent critical thinking, creative problem solving, and extended time single-tasking. I prefer locations that are out-and-away and those that provide good facilities for retreating but are not overly endowed with distracting amenities. Again, the focus should be on retreating above all else.

Sometimes I take retreats into the wilderness, glamping, to learn lessons from nature as we work on your business. Nature has a lot to say about wisdom, honesty, integrity, and resiliency.

If you are interested in a retreat, please get in touch. Not every organization is best served by a retreat and part of the consultation is determining whether retreating would be an effective strategy for your group.