First Steps

First Steps

Choosing a coach and committing to coaching

If you are not certain coaching is a good choice for you, what should you do? Try it. If you are curious the best thing to do is find a coach and see if it works for you. This is something you can't discover in a meeting or two so be prepared to commit for at least a month if you want to know for certain how well you can work with a particular coach.

I don't require a big commitment to get started. I'm not one of the coaches who requires a fortune up front. I'm strictly pay as you go. I ask people stick through at least 4 meetings with me to truly see how they feel but that's a "handshake" deal and if you feel its not for you at any point along the way there are no hard feelings.

I'm happy to discuss a coaching relationship or my coaching philosophy with you but I do not offer a free "introductory" session. Why not? Relationships need to stay in balance, including financially, and you need to be prepared to work hard if you are committed to a coaching relationship. Free sessions attract a lot of seekers but very few who are ready to make such a large commitment for themselves.