Ethics & Confidentiality

Ethics & Confidentiality

Our Commitment to Each Other


I will not disclose our coaching engagement with anyone without your permission. All disclosure of our work together, to what extent there is any, will come from you. That said, many people find great benefit from disclosing to friends, family, or colleagues that they are working with a coach. Our coaching should open new avenues of thought, strategy, leadership, and approach and continuing those conversations outside of our meetings is both permitted and encouraged.

Accountability to Each Other

Throughout our work together we will make many commitments to each other. Perhaps the two most important of these are showing up for coaching on time and prepared. We acknowledge that we both have busy, harried schedules with many unexpected and pressing demands, but one of the important aspects of coaching is that the time we have allotted for coaching be for coaching. We’ll keep outside distractions to a minimum.

We are likely to find things that you want to change in your life and your business. Part of the coaching relationship will be my helping you make and keep commitments to yourself to implement these changes.

All of this said, things come up and illnesses manifest. We commit to each other to keep to the absolute minimum the need to reschedule and provide as much notice as possible if rescheduling is necessary. If you need to reschedule with less than 24 hour notice you will be billed for that session. If I need to reschedule with less than 24 hour notice I will provide a complimentary session in compensation.

Honesty and Integrity

Good coaches walk a tightrope when it comes to honesty--a coach needs to tell the cold-hard truth but do it when it will benefit you the most. Good coaching relationships are built on trust but sometimes we need to discuss difficult things and deal with difficult issues. I’m not afraid to delve into difficult things if it feels to me like that will help you achieve your stated goals and keep your commitments to yourself.

In all things and at all times we will approach coaching with respect, care, compassion, and fearlessness. Why fearlessness? Sometimes it is the things left unsaid that matter the most and if that’s the case the biggest tragedy is not saying them. This does not mean that coaching will be difficult, uncomfortable, or overly challenging. It is, however, important to commit to face the things that turn out to be integral to your goals and aspirations.