About JP

Seek first to understand, then be understood. --Stephen R. Covey

I grew up in the desert Southwest. There I learned the value of strategic thinking. Life in the desert does not have the luxury of ignoring what's going on around it or pretending that things are not as they are. Only through constant vigilance, consistent observation, and regular reassessment does life in the desert survive. If you can't think ahead, if you lack foresight, you will not survive.

I've been coaching and consulting full-time since 1991. Before that I held a wide variety of (mostly) interesting jobs: airport roustabout (I washed and fueled airplanes, mostly for tips, and spent it all on flight instruction), airline flight dispatcher, bookseller, police dispatcher, public radio personality, small press publisher, adjunct college faculty member, software developer, and small business owner. My academic training is in management, information technology, and intellectual history.

I began coaching as a pragmatic method of instilling organizational change right down to the individual. A real issue in consulting is maintaining the momentum of change when the consulting engagement is complete. Coaching opened up a big door for me. It provides a powerful way to leave a lasting legacy and it empowers people, not the consultant, along the way. That's a win-win in my view.

I'm based in Denver, Colorado, United States, but I accept engagements wherever there is interesting work to be done. I also do extensive coaching and consulting remotely so do not hesitate to get in touch no matter your location.

Besides my coaching practice, I am enthusiastic about: