I don't use systems, cookie-cutter methodologies, or one-size-fits-all solutions. Neither should you. Every client gets my full attention and a "square-one" beginning. We build from there, together, uniquely as only we can. As a forward-thinker and a crafter and facilitator of strategies and change, understanding what is unique about your business is an essential component of success.

My passion is small business--1 to 500 employees. Small companies are agile and they uniquely reflect their owners and founders. By choice, I rarely work with publicly-traded companies. There are plenty of consultants doing what I do for the Fortune 500.

As a consultant, I'm unconventional and I take appropriate risks. I'm not interested in the easiest course, just the one that's most likely to get you to where you want to be. Expect our work together to be challenging but rewarding.

My Consulting Services

Strategy and foresight

Strategy is the means to achieving your desired future. Strategy is the method of allocating often scarce resources in the most impactful way possible. Foresight helps you understand where you are, where you are going, and what your competitors and marketplace may look like in the future. Together, they provide a powerful pair of methodologies for remaining competitive even in challenging circumstances. I provide strategy and foresight services one-on-one with business owners and executives, engage with teams and workgroups, and facilitate strategic workshops and retreats.

Change management

Coaching and strategic planning go hand-in-hand with change management. The best plans, intentions, dreams, and desires go nowhere without a pragmatic, functional infrastructure to implement them. I don't "plan and go", I help you plan and implement. I like it in the trenches. It's where I started and I know the ropes.

Retreat and workshop facilitation

Retreats and workshops are marvelous opportunities to build shared values and vision. Too often, they are grueling exercises in one-way "communication." Worse yet, many retreats are disguised vacations or awards filled with food, drink, and lots of golf. If that is what you are looking for I'm not your best choice. I design and facilitate retreats and workshops to solve specific issues, build shared vision, and create effective strategies for the future. Yes, we have fun, but we do that through intense engagement together.

Technology management

For years I owned one of Denver's largest and most successful technology consultancies. While I no longer work on computer hardware, I continue to help my clients understand, design, and execute strategic plans that control IT costs while helping them to be secure, competitive, and highly productive. Technological prowess is now a required component of a successful business of any size. I help my clients select, implement, and manage appropriate technologies that support their goals and aspirations while enabling, not hampering, their profit potential.

Regulatory and service organization compliance

HIPAA and HITECH compliance are now a way of life for organizations that handle confidential health-related data and, increasingly, even small companies are expected to demonstrate operational competency through certifications and audits like SSAE 16, ISAE-3402, and PCI DSS. This level of compliance is especially burdensome on small organizations. I bring my small business skill-set to work on compliance, helping my clients create organizational processes and documentation that both prepare for and embed the kind of organizational discipline necessary to master these regulatory and compliance requirements.